The beaches in Halkidiki are second to none in Europe

You want to buy a house at the seaside, because you want to spend more time there: enjoying the tranquility and the waves, the picturesque views, the beautifully blue sea that reflects the even more azure sky. You want not only to go there in the summer, because you like not only the sunbathing part of the holiday, you want to wake up on an easy Sunday autumn morning, to go out of the bed with your blanket because it’s too cold yet, to go on the balcony or in the garden and to see it there – the sea, not so calm as in the summer, a little bit rough, reminding you of the power of the nature, bringing you the feeling that you could not be alone in a place like this. You want a house that will bring you sensation and a wonderful magnificent beach just in front of it. And when we are talking about the best beaches in Europe, the ones on the Greek peninsula Halkidiki are definitely on the top of the charts. But what makes all the others less perfect?

Adriatic and Mediterranean seas

These ones here are almost perfect. Both of the seas are situated in the south part of Europe and that makes them perfect for summer holidays and some trips in the other seasons as well, because there the weather is never too cold. Unfortunately, however, there are far too many cliffs and we can hardly call these shores beaches. Yeah, they are flawlessly beautiful and you can sit on the balcony of your house 2 km away from the sea on a hill and relish the view, but it’s not the same at all. The few beaches with fine sand, however, are so populated and noisy that they have lost all their charm.

North and Baltic seas

The main problem here is connected with the weather. In the winter it is so cold that you have to spend half an hour putting on sweaters and jackets and scarves and hats and gloves before even thinking of going at the beach. Yeah, it’s nice in the first 10 minutes you are there, before your hands start freezing and you have the feeling that you soon won’t be able to move. And in the summer, don’t expect too much – you will never have a chance for normal sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

Aegean Sea

And here we come to Greece, to Halkidiki and the magnificent and precious Aegean Sea. Well, if heaven is a place on Earth, it’s definitely this one. In the summer you can go to one of those flawless beaches in a small cove where the mountain meets the sea, but where there is perfect fine sand as well. You can swim and dive and enjoy the wonderful perfectly clear water. And in the winter, it’s not that cold, too. You can have a tent there and a bonfire, some friends, nice talks. Idyll.