What kind of property can you find in Halkidiki?

After the magnificent one week holiday you had on the Greek peninsula Halkidiki with your family last year, you promised yourself not only to come back, but to make everything possible so that you can have your own place here – a few rooms or a house, somewhere to relax, to be at ease, to escape the everydayness and to enjoy the joyful life. Time has passed, but your desire to spend your holidays at the endless beaches where the time has no meaning and no dimension, where the sun shines beautifully, the skin gets darker and the salty air leaves salty memories, is exactly the same.

You are now planning the purchase, going through your budget and the excerpts from your bank account, when you realize that you know nothing about what kind of house you want to buy.

And, yes, this is the first main decision you have to make, you have to be aware with this before you even contact the real estate agent, but how could you know what kind of property you are looking for, if you don’t really know among what you may choose? Well, yes, make a little research and find out first a flat with what kind of area, for instance, you are dreaming of.

The studio 

A bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen – this is all that can be found in the little studio, but isn’t it simply enough? This option has indeed its pros and cons. In most of the cases you don’t need a luxurious home, but a place with comfy bed and a coffee maker. This is therefore the perfect option if you are planning to go there with your spouse only, but not suitable at all if you are more than two, the space will then be insufficient for sure.

The apartment

It is a normal flat – not too big, not to small and it is ideal for your family of four. There are two bedrooms, there is a nice living room where you can chill and talk and relax, a lovely little kitchen, a balcony with a splendid view. Everything is just perfect. For this reason, this is one of the most often chosen options, it is the most convenient one, for sure. So if this is the type of holiday you are dreaming of, this is the type of house you should look for.

The house 

This is the most expensive one, but the best one as well. A summer villa, bedrooms for you and your friends, living room big enough for all of you, cute garden with olive trees and a place for BBQ, enough space to be alone and to be together. The perfection in the housing market, the flawless property. In my opinion, if you can afford it, you should indeed buy a house there, close to the sea, because it is simply worth it. And you will realize it, the very first morning, when you wake up because of the noise of the waves and take a look at the gorgeous sunrise.