Nail-polish on your carpet. Could it get worse?

You are having that magical girly afternoon at home and you are indulging yourself and everything is nice and you feel perfectly, you are polishing your nails and listening to music and a friend of yours has come and you are talking and chilling and then you turn around and somehow the red nail polish is all over your carpet and you are wondering what should you do now, for God sake? This is a total disaster and you believe that your carpet could never ever look nice again and this red stain will ruin your end of tenancy cleaning and thus you will fail the inspection as well. Yeah, all these thoughts go through your mind in only a couple of seconds and you are so shocked that you could not even move from where you are now.

First rule: don’t panic. Second rule: don’t lose time. Third rule: clean properly and carefully. The good news is that this whole stain can vanish if you know how to take care of it well. So follow these steps.

Keep the area moist

Start cleaning with wet clout from the outer to the inner and prevent the stain from drying, because thus you most probably will not be able to clean it at all.

Blot up

With an old normal cloth try blotting up as much of the stain as possible. Never skip this step, because in the reality the simplest solutions are too often the best ones.

Apply nail polish remover

This is logical and of course effective, but if you haven’t done the previous two, even this won’t help at all. Now apply a nail polish remover and with clean cloth take it up then. In the end the carpet will look pretty nice, I promise.