Home maintenance: organize your bathroom once and for all

Are you one of those people that keeps everything in the bathroom: shampoos, shower gels and other products, toothbrushes and -paste and towels and make-up stuff, and some electric appliances like curling-irons and hair-drier, and all the hair products, of course, some candles and beautiful objects that completed the design once but now could hardly be seen. Hell, it’s time to organize this place called bathroom once and for all.


Well, you have all these things, but the real question is: do you use them all? I mean, seriously. This is almost impossible, so take your time and go through all your stuff there and get rid of everything you haven’t used in the last few weeks. And you don’t need to throw it away; you simply can put it in some other room, making more space here.

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This step is the most crucial one. Now as you have only those things left that you frequently use, you should arrange them properly. Start with the cupboards and put there some bigger things that you don’t use all the time like the towels, the electrical appliances and for example some products in bigger packages like the hair mousse and lacquer. And most probably you will end up with half of the things you need and no more space. A really practical solution is buying some lovely beautiful boxes and storing your other stuff there. But don’t just throw everything in them, but do it carefully and remember where all your stuff is.


If you want all this process to be once and for all, you should keep the things as they are now, when you are organizing them. So the next time you use your hair brush, put it back, where it belongs.