End of tenancy cleaning: the houseplants

You are one of those people who adore plants and, yes, you have maybe too many of them in your home. But you have no problems taking care of them and watering them at least twice in a week, if they are going to make your home livelier. And in fact the plants are one of the easiest ways of decoration. You need only a beautiful flowerpot that fits the interior design of your whole place and a lovely indoor plant. But now your rent agreement is coming to an end, you need to perform the whole end of tenancy cleaning thing (or better to hire one of the London’s professional cleaners) and your so favorite flowers and plants are creating a kind of situation you have to cope with. Don’t worry; there is still a chance to move them in your new home, where they can make it nice and fresh. Just follow the steps:plants-576104_960_720

Clean them

All the outdoor plants are being cleaned by the rain and the wind, but cleaning those that are at your home is your work. So take a sponge, a simple cloth or an old cotton t-shirt or blouse and take all the dust, grease and oil off the plants. Thus they will grow faster and better, they will photosynthesize easier and will be free of pests. And you only need water; the leaf-cleaning detergent in most of the cases won’t be any more beneficial. If you are in a great hurry but, however, want to take care of the plants, you can even clean them with wet wipes.

Mist them

You should not do it so frequently, but misting them by spraying water from time to time will make them fresher and will help them grow. As we know the air outside is far moister than this at home and this could be sometimes calamitous for the indoor plants.

Prepare them 

Before transporting them you better make them more compact by cutting away all the damaged parts and taking off the dried up leaves. These are things that better stay at the old place

Move them

Well, here the situation is a bit more complicated. If you are moving not so far away in the same town, for example, you can simply put the plants in boxes with no covers and transport them with all other boxes and pieces of furniture. A nice idea is to pack the flowerpots with paper or newspaper, so as to be sure that they won’t break while transporting. If you are moving in the winter, however, you have to be more careful. Many of the plants lived originally in tropics or other places with warmer climate and now if you take them outside and the temperature is 10°C, they will most probably get sick and die. So you better move them directly from the house into the car. And if you are moving across the country, you better think one more time if taking the plants with you is a good idea.