You cleaned your home perfectly, but didn’t you miss these?

No matter if it is a normal regular clean-up or the important end of tenancy cleaning, you are done now and you believe that your home looks absolutely stunning and is flawlessly cleaned. But what have you done indeed? The traditional vacuum-cleaning and the dust removal. Yeah, you cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. You even spent some time taking care of the oven, though not long ago you hired one of the professional London’s cleaners for a deep clean-up and it is still shining. Ok, I admit, you made some efforts and this is commendable. However, I think that what you have done is too superficial and you have to be that naïve to believe that it is enough. Well, nothing is that easy and I bet that you haven’t cleaned these, but if you do strive for greatness, do not give up, but keep on learning.

The doors 

Do they need a cleaning at all? Well, yeah. They store far too much dust and if you go through them with a wet clout only, you will be amazed by the dirt gathered.

The light fixtures

These are too inconvenient to be cleaned. You need a chair or even a ladder so that you can reach them, but there is a lot of dirt there, too, which you never take care of. So it is worth the efforts, be brave and just do it, it’s not that hard at all.

The skirting boards

The floor clean-up is part of your routine and you are taking care of it properly on a weekly basis – with the vacuum-cleaner first, the microfiber mop thereafter and lastly you are perfecting with a wood care detergent. But when was the last time you cleaned the skirting boards or have you ever done it in your life? Well, start now!