The perfect cleaning motivation

If there is something magical like unicorns and rainbows and love that resist on every hindrance and princes and princesses just like in the fairytales, there would be cleaning motivation, too. But let’s not be deluded and admit that the chance to be motivated and to do the whole end of tenancy cleaning with passion is almost equal to the chance to become the next queen of Wonderland. And we read articles and even books that give us advice to make lists and to be more organized. And yeah, I know, you do your best, we all do and we end up on the sofa with a non-cleaning-tips book and a glass of wine and the life seems so flawless in that particular moment that we cannot ruin it with something so trivial.

And we do not hate the cleaning itself; we hate the idea of spending our whole weekend in the house, and not on the couch, but on our knees in the bathroom with three kinds of rags, detergents so strong that will almost stifle us and so much anger and disappointment.

Strong motivation for cleaning does exist.

But do not misunderstand me. The title is absolutely appropriate as a really strong motivation for cleaning does exist and it, my dear friends, is called guests. Invite a couple of your new friends you want to impress so much and you will make your whole house shine and every place will be absolutely perfect. But why taking the friends for example, when every time your mom calls and says that she’s coming for a coffee this afternoon, you start cleaning at top speed with skills you didn’t know you even had. So, you do not want to perform a spring cleaning, invite some friends for a movie night at home and you will somehow tidy the house without any efforts.