Here’s a quick way to clean the bathroom

The bathroom is like the hell whilst cleaning. Yeah, we all have been told that if you take care of it on a daily basis, you won’t have any problems cleaning it after tenancy. The ugly truth is that we are always busy, taking a quick shower, brushing our teeth, without even having the chance to look at the mirror, before going to school or to work and we neglect it almost always. So in the reality the only thing we need is a quick way for cleaning this absolute disaster called bathroom.


The bathroom could be a home for too many bacteria, so don’t allow something like this to happen. The most popular disinfecting cleaning product is the bleach. However, there are different types on sale, so try not to choose the cheapest one, because most often it is the most harmful as well. You can, for instance, put bleach in the toilet and then wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Magic.

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One of the most annoying places you will have to clean is the space between the tiles. There are detergents that could cope with this part and with cleaning the sink as well. So find only one and avoid buying too many cleaning products. The cleaning itself won’t take you a lot of time.


Don’t forget that you are in the bathroom and here you can use so much water, that you need, here absolutely nothing can go wrong. And water is indeed the best. So after you have used different cleaning products rinse out with water. If you strive for perfection you can clean the mirror with a windows detergent and after everything has dried up, you can use a microfiber cloth and take away every single particle of dust.