Did You Forget to Clean These, As Well?

You think of million things every day, every hour and every second. We all do. The era of single-tasking is something our parents and grandparents probably did in the past, but multitasking is no doubt the word of our century. We never stop doing something. We come home back from work and we think of the projects we have and the deadlines we need to stick to. We go to work the next day and our head is full with thoughts about the bathroom clean-up and the meals for dinner. And this cycle never stops. And our minds are never completely free. Because we have no day off, no hour off. And because we have so much to think of, we too often forget. And we are more than annoyed than. But how not to? How to remember all the projects youbathroom-881124_960_720 are working on right now, the problems of every person you are about to help, the schedule of the tubes, trains, airplanes, that lovely receipt for brownie your grandma gave you once, the endless to-do lists your boss sends you every day and those you create by yourself, the many home maintenance and cleaning tasks, the activities of your kids and the birthdays of every relative you have? It is almost impossible, which makes completely understandable the fact that you most probably forgot these. That’s why we are here to remind you.

The mattress

You clean your bedroom often enough. You vacuum it, remove the dust, wash the windows, change the bed sheets. And it looks lovely. But what you forget is the mattress. This thing looks nice and makes your sleep tight, but the truth is that it could accumulate far too much dust and thus cause many infections and allergies. And just how you do not like sleeping on a layer of dust, you cannot like sleeping on a dirty mattress. At least once in a while, vacuum it well and then scrub it with baking soda so that you remove all the grime.

The bathroom and kitchen faucets

Did you skip those, too? Don’t worry, because you can clean them in seconds. What you need is a paper towel and white vinegar only. With the help of these two basic supplies, you can make the faucets in the bathroom or in the kitchen shine and look like brand new. So either perfect them now or just do not forget them when performing another clean-up later.

The cleaners

Just like you cannot write with a pen that is out of ink, you cannot clean with a microfiber cloth that is full with dust. The efficiency of your cleaning is almost fully derived by the efficiency of the tools you use. So spend some time cleaning them. All the clothes, rags, heads of mops and other fabrics, put in the washing machine. The other things clean well. at the end you will be able to transform your house faster and with less efforts, that’s for sure.