Black Sea coast – boundless expanse of sea, beaches and unique natural creations

Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a magnificent coastline as rare in the world. This is a gracious blend of unique natural creations consequence of the eternal struggle on land and water.

Bulgarian Black Sea coast is clear meridional spreading. It covers dry coast from 40-60km and coastal water area with a width of 22.224 kilometers. Overall, the Bulgarian coast (378 km.) Is slightly indented, but the coastal landscape is extremely diverse. From the Romanian border to Cape Shabla relief the lowest Beach diversify the lakes Durankulak, Ezeretsko and Shabla, Shabla Tuzla, beaches and sand bars.

Between Cape Shabla and Cape Kaliakra karst limestone layers of Dobrudzha plateau at the shore end with steep cliffs and landslide steps. In them there are numerous caves and niches, the coast is dotted with protruding underwater rocks. In the picturesque bay of Varna on the golden beaches with fine-grained sand majestically ascend slopes swaths of Dobrudzha, Frangensko and Momino plateau.

Cape Kaliakra –  the high rocky cape, like a ship, cuts through 2 km into the sea and close protected from north winds bay. This beautiful place inaccessible from three sides was settled by the Thracians. They built a stone wall from the north to block the only access to the nose. The fortress was called Tirizis, the name of their tribe – tirizi. In Roman times the fort became known as Accra (from Acros Castellum – “fortified nose”). In the Roman province of Scythia Minor (Dobrudzha) in importance and size acre retreat just Tomi (Kyustendja) and Dionisopolis (Balchik).

The Old mountain part of the Black Sea represents an amazing view of the boundless expanse of sea, beaches and wooded mountain ridges, crowned by the majestic Cape Emine. After it stands out the Nessebar and Pomorie peninsula and the large Burgas bay – the westernmost point of the Black Sea. Around it, in the vast Burgas valley, are the largest Bulgarian lakes.

In the south, all the way to the border with Turkey, extends the wonderful South Coast – a true chain of rocky headlands ending mountain spurs of Strandzha small picturesque coves with beaches and sand bars and several small islands (St. Anastasia, St. John, Snake island etc.), scattered along the coast.

Curious: Between Primorsko and Kiten is extensive Devil’s Bay, where farther inland marked indentation whose penetration is small and quiet bay Atliman. Once, the beautiful girl Stana Urdovizka agreed to become the wife of the Sultan if he freed the land that she can tour a horse from sunrise to sunset. The horse, which became toured the area in the evening died from overwork among small cove. Since then, local people call the nearest Strandzha region Hasekia (land, exempted from all taxes), the cove – Atliman (Horse’s bay) and the steep rocky promontory south of it – Urdoviza.

To visit the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is the most convenient to travel by plane and landing at Varna Airport. From there depending on how much time you have you can prepare a route. We warn you to be careful with the local airport cabs. Тhere are many fraudulent companies. We recommend to look for a licensed airport transport Varna agency.

Tourism in East Europe

Tourism in East Europe

An interesting fact is that Bulgaria is the first in a number of tourists this year among 23 European countries.

“This year our country grew the number of overnight stays by foreign tourists and we are the first among 23 European countries. Bulgaria scored 5.5 billion BGN revenue of all nights for the first nine months of the year,” the newspaper “Banker” says, citing Minister Nikolina Angelakova. The Minister expects to welcome 10 million tourists next year and the trend of this increase in the number of visitors to persist over the next few years. For summer 2016 the number of tourists from Russia increased by 40%, tourists from Poland by 68%, while those from Germany increased by 70%. It just started the active ski season in the winter resorts, which is a prerequisite of a new influx of lovers of white slopes around the world and, of course, more profits for tourism.

Тhe development of tourism has grown the operation of airports

From the airports of Bulgaria in all directions depart transfers of individual or group tourists almost year round. In the Summer the busiest are Varna Airport and Burgas Airport, winter predominant flow from Sofia Airport and Plovdiv Airport. For those constant streams of people who expect high-quality service unless trained hotel and restaurant staff are particularly needed adequate passenger transfers. Transportation from the airport to the destination for vacation, weekend or trip needs to be borne also by a well trained professional companies, with comfortable and modern cars like travel agencies or special agencies for Bulgaria transfer. Not every foreign tourist wants to use crowded buses, he doesn’t pay for a holiday test of nerves. In this sense, there is also much to be desired for the development of this country. In all cases, the growth of tourism in this country is a good prerequisite to visit Bulgaria

Things to Consider When Choosing Air Transfer

With all the growth within the transportation industry so many automobile professional services, transport companies and rentals on the market selecting an individual company to employ can be very challenging. How can you know which company offers the most useful services? Which company gives the worthiness of one’s cash? And most notably, how could you make sure if you’re obtaining the one of the most affordable prices on the market?

There are some tips and some recommendations that you could remember whenever employing an airport transfer in Bulgaria. Think about the following:

Doing all of your research

Yes, that is very important. You don’t wish to base your transport service option by selecting the very first name you see within the most sort after yellow pages like every one does. You need to do a bit of research and a small amount of groundwork in advance.aircraft-1529197_640 If you notice something in the paper and believe it is ideal, search online or ring them up for making inquiries. Asking and knowing from your colleagues and buddies can also be a good idea particularly anyone who has utilized airport transportation services before would definitely be of a great help.

Ask questions because your paying them.

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Where to travel this Christmas

Where to travel this Christmas

What you have been dreaming of this whole time since summer is brake. You need to get out of the city, you need to leave your work place, but you need to leave your home duties as well. You just want to escape that reality and here is Christmas – the light at the end of the tunnel. And while all other are decorating their houses, while they arranging trees and baking cupcakes, while they are buying presents and Advent Calendars, you are packing your luggage and preparing your mind for an adventure. But where should you go this time? Which is the most exciting Christmas destination after all?



On this so godly day this is indeed the place. Going through the places Jesus has gone through more than two thousand years ago, brings you emotions and sensations that cannot be compared with any other. Visiting place, where words like God, like faith, beliefs and prayers, have meaning so different from anything else in that world, teaches you to look at everything at larger scale, to have different perceptions. After visiting Jerusalem the kindness and the humanity won’t be clichés, they will be growing in your heart.



All roads lead to Rome. The eternal city. The place where one of the greatest ancient civilizations was born and the place where the pope lives. Rome has many faces and they all are beautiful and unique. The food, the people with big hearts and wide smiles, the museums and the galleries, the fountains on every corner, the old buildings and the cathedrals. They are worthy any time of the year. But combine them with decorated streets, with Christmas lights and songs, with trees, huge and impressive, with the typical Italian bake Panteone and you have perfection. Go and live it.

Here are some of the best places that can be seen at Jerusalem, shown by Trip Advisor:

Religious pilgrims have been traveling to Jerusalem for centuries, yet you don’t have to share their zeal in order to appreciate this city’s profound cultural and historical significance. Plan on seeing the major sights, but also leave plenty of time to walk through the streets and simply immerse yourself in the daily life of such an ancient and revered place.

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And the top 10 must see places in Rome, presented by :



Let’s be honest, when you were thinking of what to see in Rome, Ostia Antica probably wasn’t the first site you came across. Yet this underrated gem is one of Rome’s best tourist attractions. Ostia contains the amazingly well preserved remains of Rome’s ancient port – it’s quiet, fascinating and just brilliant to explore.


Now the Colosseum, that crops up on every list of sites to see in Rome there ever was. And with good reason. Once the largest amphitheatre of the Empire, where gladiators, criminals and lions alike fought for their lives, the Colosseum is an absolute must for any tour of Rome, despite crowds and cheap costumes…

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The beaches in Halkidiki are second to none in Europe

The beaches in Halkidiki are second to none in Europe

You want to buy a house at the seaside, because you want to spend more time there: enjoying the tranquility and the waves, the picturesque views, the beautifully blue sea that reflects the even more azure sky. You want not only to go there in the summer, because you like not only the sunbathing part of the holiday, you want to wake up on an easy Sunday autumn morning, to go out of the bed with your blanket because it’s too cold yet, to go on the balcony or in the garden and to see it there – the sea, not so calm as in the summer, a little bit rough, reminding you of the power of the nature, bringing you the feeling that you could not be alone in a place like this. You want a house that will bring you sensation and a wonderful magnificent beach just in front of it. And when we are talking about the best beaches in Europe, the ones on the Greek peninsula Halkidiki are definitely on the top of the charts. But what makes all the others less perfect?

Adriatic and Mediterranean seas

These ones here are almost perfect. Both of the seas are situated in the south part of Europe and that makes them perfect for summer holidays and some trips in the other seasons as well, because there the weather is never too cold. Unfortunately, however, there are far too many cliffs and we can hardly call these shores beaches. Yeah, they are flawlessly beautiful and you can sit on the balcony of your house 2 km away from the sea on a hill and relish the view, but it’s not the same at all. The few beaches with fine sand, however, are so populated and noisy that they have lost all their charm.

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