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Hi, I am an accountant, a passionate golf player and an amateur photographer. In my free time I enjoy travelling to different places, playing golf on different courses, meeting new people from different nationalities, communicating, looking through their eyes and making new friends. Golf is not a sport, it is an experience. With my family I am spending some precious time in the backyard, in the park, outdoors and we love hiking, relishing the silence of the mountains, being left out of breath by the magnificent beauty and getting a little bit lost in the woods. This blog is, however, about everything that somehow concerns me, have a nice time reading!

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Where to travel this Christmas

Where to travel this Christmas

What you have been dreaming of this whole time since summer is brake. You need to get out of the city, you need to leave your work place, but you need to leave your home duties as well. You just want to escape that reality and here is Christmas – the light at the end of the tunnel. And while all other are decorating their houses, while they arranging trees and baking cupcakes, while they are buying presents and Advent Calendars, you are packing your luggage and preparing your mind for an adventure. But where should you go this time? Which is the most exciting Christmas destination after all?



On this so godly day this is indeed the place. Going through the places Jesus has gone through more than two thousand years ago, brings you emotions and sensations that cannot be compared with any other. Visiting place, where words like God, like faith, beliefs and prayers, have meaning so different from anything else in that world, teaches you to look at everything at larger scale, to have different perceptions. After visiting Jerusalem the kindness and the humanity won’t be clichés, they will be growing in your heart.



All roads lead to Rome. The eternal city. The place where one of the greatest ancient civilizations was born and the place where the pope lives. Rome has many faces and they all are beautiful and unique. The food, the people with big hearts and wide smiles, the museums and the galleries, the fountains on every corner, the old buildings and the cathedrals. They are worthy any time of the year. But combine them with decorated streets, with Christmas lights and songs, with trees, huge and impressive, with the typical Italian bake Panteone and you have perfection. Go and live it.

Here are some of the best places that can be seen at Jerusalem, shown by Trip Advisor:

Religious pilgrims have been traveling to Jerusalem for centuries, yet you don’t have to share their zeal in order to appreciate this city’s profound cultural and historical significance. Plan on seeing the major sights, but also leave plenty of time to walk through the streets and simply immerse yourself in the daily life of such an ancient and revered place.

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And the top 10 must see places in Rome, presented by :



Let’s be honest, when you were thinking of what to see in Rome, Ostia Antica probably wasn’t the first site you came across. Yet this underrated gem is one of Rome’s best tourist attractions. Ostia contains the amazingly well preserved remains of Rome’s ancient port – it’s quiet, fascinating and just brilliant to explore.


Now the Colosseum, that crops up on every list of sites to see in Rome there ever was. And with good reason. Once the largest amphitheatre of the Empire, where gladiators, criminals and lions alike fought for their lives, the Colosseum is an absolute must for any tour of Rome, despite crowds and cheap costumes…

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Did You Forget to Clean These, As Well?

You think of million things every day, every hour and every second. We all do. The era of single-tasking is something our parents and grandparents probably did in the past, but multitasking is no doubt the word of our century. We never stop doing something. We come home back from work and we think of the projects we have and the deadlines we need to stick to. We go to work the next day and our head is full with thoughts about the bathroom clean-up and the meals for dinner. And this cycle never stops. And our minds are never completely free. Because we have no day off, no hour off. And because we have so much to think of, we too often forget. And we are more than annoyed than. But how not to? How to remember all the projects youbathroom-881124_960_720 are working on right now, the problems of every person you are about to help, the schedule of the tubes, trains, airplanes, that lovely receipt for brownie your grandma gave you once, the endless to-do lists your boss sends you every day and those you create by yourself, the many home maintenance and cleaning tasks, the activities of your kids and the birthdays of every relative you have? It is almost impossible, which makes completely understandable the fact that you most probably forgot these. That’s why we are here to remind you.

The mattress

You clean your bedroom often enough. You vacuum it, remove the dust, wash the windows, change the bed sheets. And it looks lovely. But what you forget is the mattress. This thing looks nice and makes your sleep tight, but the truth is that it could accumulate far too much dust and thus cause many infections and allergies. And just how you do not like sleeping on a layer of dust, you cannot like sleeping on a dirty mattress. At least once in a while, vacuum it well and then scrub it with baking soda so that you remove all the grime.

The bathroom and kitchen faucets

Did you skip those, too? Don’t worry, because you can clean them in seconds. What you need is a paper towel and white vinegar only. With the help of these two basic supplies, you can make the faucets in the bathroom or in the kitchen shine and look like brand new. So either perfect them now or just do not forget them when performing another clean-up later.

The cleaners

Just like you cannot write with a pen that is out of ink, you cannot clean with a microfiber cloth that is full with dust. The efficiency of your cleaning is almost fully derived by the efficiency of the tools you use. So spend some time cleaning them. All the clothes, rags, heads of mops and other fabrics, put in the washing machine. The other things clean well. at the end you will be able to transform your house faster and with less efforts, that’s for sure.

Design inspiration: photos in focus

Design inspiration: photos in focus

There is charm and a strange unworldly power in them. The photos are the pieces of our lives. They save the memories of our most flawlessly happy times. Remember the black and white one of the wedding of your grandparents that was nearly torn, but saved in an old frame that was falling apart. Remember how this photo stayed on the fireplace of your grandparents’ house and how your granny passionately told you the story of their love, their sorrows and their joys, million times, whenever you visited that house. Remember the photo of you as a baby, when you first went home, remember the easy and kind smile of your mom and the undisguised happiness in your father’s eyes. Remember the first photo of you and your one and only beloved on that beach when you were too happy to think how you look like and today it’s a pleasure to see this moment of pure bliss.

The photos are emotions on paper and bring you enthralling sensations, so have them at your house.

Your home is a reflection of your dreams, you future and your past and having your most incredible moments hanged on the walls of your house will make it more personal, more you, more delightful.

Design inspiration2In frames

That is maybe the easiest part. Have beautiful frames with even more beautiful photos in them and arrange them all over the house: in the bedrooms, in the living rooms in the hallway. Every time you walk and look around you will enjoy a different moment of your life and these little simple things will make you feel uniquely fortunate to have what you have now.

Or without frames

This is a really popular designing solution now. Hang them around without even putting them into frames. You need only photos in a bigger size and some desire to arrange them beautifully around your home.

On your desk

This sounds like cliché, but where you work, you need some inspiration and motivation most of the time, because no matter how much you adore your job, there always comes a moment, when you simply want to give up and go on an island with no one, just so you can be at ease and relax once and for all in your life. But if you have a photo from your last trip to Abu Dhabi, every time you look at it, you will think of the amazing holiday you had and the even more delightful ones that are about to come. Life is nice, you just needed a reminder.

In albums 

You have rented the property you live in and no matter how much you want to make it more homey and cozy with some photos, you are thus risking your security deposit and you simply don’t want to say good-bye to this money yet. However, this is not a problem at all, because you can still arrange all your photos in an album and then put it on the coffee table in the living room, where everyone who comes by will be able to relish it.

You are buying a new home? Better look at these

You are buying a new home? Better look at these

It is finally about time – you will leave that rented small home you lived for since you graduated from the university and you are looking for a place – bigger, better, more convenient and more you. And now you are in two minds, because you are not sure where it should be and how should it look like and so on and on. Indeed there are some things that are determining and you should not be too enthusiastic or too emotional.

Choosing a new home to buy, because of it sentimental value only, it is really not the best idea, you should consider everything well and find best decision that will suit your needs and your desires.

And while you are making research and you are meeting different real estate agents, visiting diverse houses and getting advice from your friends and family members, you should definitely take a look at these.  More →

What is the cost of end of tenancy cleaning?

What is the cost of end of tenancy cleaning?

At the end of your rental, you will most likely be obliged to perform end of tenancy cleaning in order to get the apartment ready for the new tenants. Although there are still some places where you may not be required to do the cleaning, the majority of landlords have included this clause in their tenancy contracts. End of tenancy cleaning is not optional and if not done properly can cost a tenant their security deposit.

There are two ways to deal with this

There are two ways to deal with this cleaning and they are to clean the property yourself or to hire a professional company to do it for you. Years ago, hiring professional help would have cost you an arm and a leg but today, due to the huge competition amongst these cleaning companies, you can find cheap and perfectly executed end of tenancy cleaning service. More →

Why you should choose a professional end of tenancy cleaning agency in London

Why you should choose a professional end of tenancy cleaning agency in London

Living in a rented property comes with many conditions, one of them being the end of tenancy cleaning. If it happens that you overlook this obligation then you are risking the partial or full loss of your deposit. Landlords are particularly strict when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning in London. They allow tenants to do their own cleaning however they much prefer to have a professional company do it in order to achieve the best results. Landlords have to rent their properties out perfectly clean, bacteria and germ free so the new tenants enter a nice, fresh and clean home.

Landlords carry with them a comprehensive checklist when they are ready to check the cleanliness of the property.

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Recommendation for buying a house in London

Recommendation for buying a house in London

Just before you also pick up a paper and begin checking out ads of houses for sale, I would certainly suggest that you develop a suggested regular monthly spending plan, and choose specifically how much you can pay for to buy your home monthly. For the majority of people, it’s the monthly payment that matters, not the real prices. As soon as you have actually created an amount to go towards real estate, break that quantity into it’s various components.

This need to include quantities for:

  • Tax obligations
  • Home owners insurance coverage
  • Passion & principal on your new loan
  • Energies
  • Organization fees/Common charges
  • Upkeep
  • Repairs allocation

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You cleaned your home perfectly, but didn’t you miss these?

You cleaned your home perfectly, but didn’t you miss these?

No matter if it is a normal regular clean-up or the important end of tenancy cleaning, you are done now and you believe that your home looks absolutely stunning and is flawlessly cleaned. But what have you done indeed? The traditional vacuum-cleaning and the dust removal. Yeah, you cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. You even spent some time taking care of the oven, though not long ago you hired one of the professional London’s cleaners for a deep clean-up and it is still shining. Ok, I admit, you made some efforts and this is commendable. However, I think that what you have done is too superficial and you have to be that naïve to believe that it is enough. Well, nothing is that easy and I bet that you haven’t cleaned these, but if you do strive for greatness, do not give up, but keep on learning. More →

The most useful cleaning tips and tricks

The most useful cleaning tips and tricks

As long as we live in beautifully designed and arranged houses, we will be interested in every possible home maintenance trick. And in fact this whole cleaning thing is not that annoying, tiring and unpleasant, if you are doing it right and you are achieving enthralling results. Try these simple solutions indeed:

Create a routine

It better be a daily one, but a weekly routine wouldn’t be that bad as well. Make a proper plan and stick to it. Make sure that the main tasks like vacuum-cleaning, dust removal, windows washing and a deep bathroom clean-up would be all on the list, but add some that fit your needs as well.

Find motivation

This is maybe the hardest thing ever. But just think of something. It can be a prize you will get when you complete the clean-up like a date night with your spouse, or you can simply invite guests and your desire to show your home in the best condition possible will make you clean like a pro.

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Nail-polish on your carpet. Could it get worse?

Nail-polish on your carpet. Could it get worse?

You are having that magical girly afternoon at home and you are indulging yourself and everything is nice and you feel perfectly, you are polishing your nails and listening to music and a friend of yours has come and you are talking and chilling and then you turn around and somehow the red nail polish is all over your carpet and you are wondering what should you do now, for God sake? This is a total disaster and you believe that your carpet could never ever look nice again and this red stain will ruin your end of tenancy cleaning and thus you will fail the inspection as well. Yeah, all these thoughts go through your mind in only a couple of seconds and you are so shocked that you could not even move from where you are now. More →